Jayanti Natarajan resigned from the Congress Party on 30th January 2015. In a letter written to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Jayanti Natarajan accussed the party machinery - specifically Mr. Rahul Gandhi - of having worked towards a campaign to malign her and her reputation. She also believed, according to the letter, that she was being made a scapegoat for the economic policy paralysis observed in the UPA-II government. Specifically, she believed that while she took decisions of halting certain industrial and infrastructure projects at the behest of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, certain sections of the party spread rumours that she was made to resign on December 20, 2013 due to her stance on these projects.

the above resignation as Congress Party illness in india not only tamilnadu, The worest and selfish party in the world. This resignation is not revange, the truth of Mrs. Jayanthi Natarajan. Hatsoff.
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